PIASA is a Spanish company founded in 1987, dedicated to 4 kind of activities:

  • Engineering and construction of water treatment plants for populations and industries
  • Studies and installations of alternative energies (solar, wind and mini-hydraulics plants)
  • Treatment and processed of rubbish and solid and liquid residues
  • Environment and sanitary ecology

The whole technology is own, not representing to any foreign company.

All the plants are realized by the concept "keys in hand" and are done in proportion to the client or of the activity.


The Company Works with three types of constructions:

  • Transportable containers or skid mounted with all the facilities already made inside or installed inside a truck.
  • Half-prefabricated with all the prefabricated tanks and ready for assembly in its location behind bolted systems. Only the concrete foundations are required, built locally.
  • Reinforced concrete on the site, built locally.

The decision of either system depends on the customer and plant size.


1. Information and captation of dates

2. Study and analysis of the information

3. Budget or project

4. Construction of machinery and location of equipments of market

5. Installation in our stores or in the placement

6. Start up and personal training

7. Exploitation and maintenance, if the client wishes it